The main idea of this blog is to introduce techniques that will teach you how to find multiple solutions to any SQL problem. It will focus on oracle SQL, but the concepts behind our ideas can be applied to any other SQL flavor or even other programming language.

The main concept is that of the “workaround.”

We call the family of distinct solutions for a given problem the workarounds for that problem.

We want to change your mindset. We want teach you to always seek multiple solutions for every problem you encounter. Doing this will help you gain a better understanding of Oracle SQL as a whole.

When you know multiple approaches on solving a single problem then it is more likely that you will select the most efficient approach when facing that or similar problem. Saving time and for either you and your company money. Having this knowledge can help you quickly achieve your career goals.

Also in a case of emergency when your most tried and true one size fits all solution mysteriously stops working you will be prepared to handle it with a handful of other approaches. We want to teach people to break out of that one size fits all approach and become an open minded flexible developer. We want to teach people to become SQL gurus.

For more details on the concept of a workaround and for a variety of other tricks, check our book “Oracle SQL Tricks and Workarounds”

About the Author

Zahar Hilkevich

Zahar Hilkevich has earned a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Moscow University of Electronics and Mathematics and a Master of Science degree in Economics from Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

He moved to New York in 1996 and quickly became a highly sought after IT consultant, lecturer and teacher. Since 1997, he has been teaching Oracle database development and administration in various IT schools, including Devry University (2003-2007).

Mr. Hilkevich is currently serving as a Vice President and Lead Architect at SQL Maze, Inc. where he participates in all aspects of software and database design, development, administration and performance optimization.

Throughout his career, Zahar Hilkevich successfully passed and conducted dozens of technical interviews and accumulated a great deal of knowledge in this subject matter.

Mr. Hilkevich is a United States national Chess Master and has won several major chess events. He is a staunch advocate of personal development and has a keen interest in investing and finance.


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