Puzzle of the Week #20: Historical top/bottom paid employee report

Puzzle of the Week #20:

Produce the historical highest/lowest salary report that should comply with the following requirements:

  • Use Single SELECT statement only
  • Only employees who was paid the highest or lowest salary in their respective department at the moment of hiring should be selected
  • Show name, date of hire, department number, job title, salary table (emp) columns and two additional calculated columns/flags: min_flag and max_flag to indicate that the employee was hired with the min/max salary in their respective department as of the time of hiring.
  • If two or more employees in the same department are paid the same max/min salary, only the one who was hired first should be picked for the report.
  • The query should work in Oracle 11g.

Comment: Apparently, the first employee in each department automatically qualifies for both, the lowest and the highest paid employee at the time of hiring.

Expected Result:


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