2018 Oracle SQL Puzzle of the Week Challenge!

Happy New Year to all Oracle fans! Our weekly SQL puzzle challenge is back. For those who missed our 2016 challenge, here is the link.

The rules will slightly change but mostly remain the same:

  • To submit your answer, please like this post, start following the blog and provide either a working SQL statement or (preferred!) a link to a script @ https://livesql.oracle.com (you will need to create a [free] Oracle account if you have not done so), so by clicking on your link I could quickly verify your solution.
  • The scoring rules:
    • The first person who submits a correct solution is granted 5 points
    • The second – 3 points
    • The third – 2 points
    • All others – 1 point
    • No points are given for solutions that duplicate previously posted ones.
    • Alternative solutions are more than welcomed. Each (correct) one will earn you one more point. So even a person who did not post the very first solution can earn most points by submitting more than 1 alternative solutions.
  • All puzzles will assume a solution that is based on a single SQL (SELECT) statement
  • The participation is FREE and there will be some prizes to the winners, so you have nothing to lose but to learn!
  • The weekly standing will be posted in my Oracle Facebook group, you are welcome to join the club!
  • The first phase of the challenge will consist of 15 puzzles and will last approximately 4 months.

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